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My name is Ulrik F. Damm, I'm 19 years old and I'm a Mac and iPhone developer. I've been working with computers almost all my life, and have used them in many different ways. I've been making websites, and progamming in C++ and Java. Currently I'm learning/using Objective-C and Cocoa on my Macbook Pro and iPhone 3G.

I'm currenly a student at the IT University of Copenhagen on my 1st year, in the software development class. I've recently finished my HTX (higher technical exam) degree in mathematics and information technology, where I also learned electronics (you can see some of my projects in the "other projects" page).

Other than programming I'm also playing piano and generally loves music, I'm playing mostly Final Fantasy and also some Tetris, and loves watching MythBusers and The Simpsons and messing with old computers and electronics. I also love photography and film making.


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