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My blog

This is the first post in my blog. The blog isn't meant to be one I'll post on every day, but more like a place to put things I'd like to share. It's a bit like my other projects page, just in blog style. You can subscribe with RSS, to get updated each time I post.

For the first post, I though I'd like to share some photos of my workplace. I just got my room cleaned, and I think it looks really nice.

My desk

I try to keep my desk as clean as possible, because my desk is so small, and, of course, because I think it looks nice. One thing I really like about my room is my big floor-to-ceiling windows, which gives a really nice view all the year round

My view

The last photo is my bed, which is a couch during the day. On it, I have my Throwboy collection, which is pillows that looks like Mac OS X applications. And on the shelf above is my PS1 Final Fantasy collection, placed in CoverFlow mode :)

My bed

That's it for now. In the future, I'll post something more interesting, such as old projects. I have a bunch of them in my backup folder, but most of them are .exe files, so I'll have to bring out my Windows laptop to test them. So long!

My blog (via @gereen)

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