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Japanese text emoji's in iOS 4.0

With the release of iOS 4.0, I though I'd share this little funny new feature, which most people probably wouldn't notice. There are some japanese ASCII emoji's build into the OS, and here's how to find them:

You need to turn the japanese kana keyboard on. Then switch to it when entering some text, eventually by using the handy menu when pressing the globe, which is also new to iOS 4.0:

Then press the ^_^ button:

Then it will display a basic ASCII emoji, along with some more choices:

Then press the button to the right to get more choices, and you'll see a long list with all kinds of (more or less weird) ASCII emoji's:

And that's it. Enjoy your new emojis, and the rest of the new cool features in iOS 4.0 :)

Japanese text emoji's in iOS 4.0 (via @gereen)

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